Project Pan?

8:03 AM

I own way too many lipsticks! Almost every time I visit Walgreens, out comes my card and there goes my money. I seriously need to start saving! So, I am starting Project Pan! I will be basing my project off of deavalence's blog: So, all credit to them! Feel free to start your own project pan.

1. Makeup I Own!
p.s. eye-shadow palettes will be counted per pan
Face Powder: 3
Foundation: 2
Face Primer : 3
Eye Primer/ Base : 4
Concealers : 4
Blushes: 6

Bronzer/ Highlight: 5
Lip Liners: 5

Lip Gloss: 3
Lip (stick, stain, liquid etc): Over 30!
Mascaras: 2
Eyeliners: 9
Eyeshadows: 65
Glitters/ Shimmer: 5

2. Products I Want to Finish!
-2 lip products
-1 concealer
-1 blush
-1/2 bronzer
-4 eye-shadows OR 1 complete palette/quad/trio
-1 liquid eyeliner
-1 pencil eyeliner
-1 face powder

I will not let myself buy any products until I finish this list!!! To be honest, the only products I constantly buy are lip and face products. I love eye-shadow, but I don't buy them anymore!

I will be tracking my progress with photos and updates. If anyone else does this, let me know! 



Nitro Type Contest! Ends 03/01/2017

3:58 PM

Hey guys! I rediscovered and I've been playing it every day ever since! It's an awesome free, typing game where you race with other users. My wpm is usually 95, but I'm striving for an average of 100! I usually play on MWF 9-12 and 3:30-5  if you ever want to race me! Add me as a friend, my user name is leighhbeee, or you can click here.

Don't have an account? Join here at: if you complete 20 races, we both get NitroType cash!
I'm currently saving up NitroType money to start my own team! I'm currently in the PONY team. I only have around $3 million, but I need $5 million to start a team!

Anyways, I am having a contest! The winner will receive a Gold Membership on NitroType, from me! All you have to do is add me as a friend, and comment below you did! The user who has raced the most from now until March 1 will win a NitroType Gold membership from yours truly!

Happy typing!

EDIT: Remember that NitroType only lets a person upgrade to Gold if they are level 20+ ! So if you win the contest and are at level 19 or lower, I will not be able to grant you a membership.

P.S. when I start my own team (might be a month from now) I will have contests like this often! So watch out for that.

Tips for Beginner Vegans

2:19 PM

So you want to eat plant based? Whether it's for ethics or for your health, veganism is a beautiful lifestyle. With thousands of YouTube videos, articles, and books, there is endless information and recipes for the vegan lifestyle. I hope this article helps you out on your vegan journey.

Disclaimer: I have only eaten a plant based diet for a little over a year. While I am taking courses on nutrition, I am not a professional. Please ask your local nutritionist if you need further help with a meal plan etc.

Tip 1: Start Off Small

Start by switching your dairy products. Soy milk is the healthiest choice out of the plant alternatives, but feel free to try any.
Click here for a comparison chart of different milks

Along with milk alternatives, there are also options for ice creams, cream cheese, cheeses, and even sour cream. Here is a list of my favorites:
  • So Delicious has delicious yogurts, ice cream, and coffee creamer
  • Tofuitti has great cream cheese and decent sour cream
  • I personally do not like the vegan cheeses I have tried, but some swear by Daiya's cheeses.
Along with dairy products, there are also alternatives to meat products. I try not to use these too often because I prefer whole foods. Try using these products in place of your regular meals.
  • Boca chicken patties are delicious. My mother swears they taste like real chicken.
  • Gardein has everything from meatballs to chicken
  • Beyond Meat has 'ground beef.' Goes great on tostadas.
  • Morning Star has plenty of breakfast foods, but keep in mind they are not vegan. But they are great for beginner vegetarians or vegans.

Tip 2: Know How to Plan

If you ever have taken a nutrition course, you will notice the main concern of instructors is that vegans do not get enough vitamins/minerals. If you eat a variety of foods, it is no problem to get all of these nutrients. My advice is to make a meal plan, or menu, every week. No, you don't have to count every gram of protein, but it can help in the beginning.

Here is a common list of 'worry' nutrients and where to get them


When people find out you are vegan, the first thing they will ask is "where do you get your protein?" Don't be worried, getting adequate protein is extremely easy. "There is no reason to be concerned about protein, since even on vegan diets there is little risk of deficiency. Plant foods such as grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds are all high in protein" (Stepaniak 211).

The average person needs around 45-55 grams of protein a day. To find your specific needs, you can find it at

Even though every plant food has protein, here are some with high amounts:
  • 1 oz hemp seeds = 10 g protein (great in smoothies)
  • 1 oz almonds = 6 oz protein
  • 1/2 cup kidney beans = 7 g protein
  • 1/2 cup lima beans = 7.5 g protein 
(beans, nuts, seeds, lentils, and soy products have tons of protein)

Tip: try adding hemp seeds, flax seeds, or chia seeds into  a smoothie for added protein.

p.s. A common misconception is that you have to eat 'whole' proteins (animals) to get all the 8 essential amino acids. This has been proven false, you do not have to consume all the amino acids in one 'food'. Eat a diet with a variety of different foods and you will easily obtain all 8 essential amino acids. If you're still worried, feel free to check out this website for a chart of the 8 essential amino acids and where to get them:


The average adult needs around 1000 mg of calcium. To see your specific needs, click on or search 'calcium calculator.'

Here are some foods with high calcium:
  • dark, leafy vegetables
    • kale, collard, mustard, turnip greens
  • tofu
  • calcium-fortified soymilk
  • calcium-fortified orange juice
  • broccoli
 Keep in mind that many whole foods have calcium. For example, an orange contains 3% of your daily calcium needs. This isn't a lot, but when you eat a diverse diet, it all adds up.

If you are still concerned with your calcium intake, consider a supplement or a multivitamin.

Vitamin B12

"For many vegans, vitamin B12 is the dietary issue. More controversy exists over this nutrient than any other" (Stepaniak 216).

This alone could be a separate blog post, but in short: take a multivitamin or a supplement for B12. Some fortified foods have B12, be sure to check the labels.

Feel free to read this article for further information:


Even though most vegan diets are high in iron, here are some examples of high-iron foods:
  • beans
  • dark, leafy greens
  • dried fruit
  • peas
  • iron fortified cereals
Tip: vitamin C boosts iron absorption. Try eating a source of vitamin C with your source of iron at a meal.

Those are a couple of vitamins/minerals to watch out for, but it never hurts to keep researching. Learning about nutrition is a key element in a successful vegan diet.

Tip 3: Try New Things

If I never had looked at vegan recipe books, I would be eating rice and beans every night. Yuck! Instead of buying vegan cookbooks, go online or rent a book at your local library. Here are some of my favorite books/ channels.

Known for: cauliflower wings and impressive meals (you may need a food processor)

Liv's Healthy Life
Known for: quick, easy meals (budget friendly)

Cheap Lazy Vegan
Known for: cheap meals, meal prep

Spicy Vegan Cookbook, Adams Media
I use this cookbook every single week. If you love onions, cayenne, and chili powder, you'll love this cookbook.

Those are just a few! Here are some meal ideas that I commonly make

Chickpea Tacos
-cooked chickpeas (garbonzo beans) cooked with cayenne, chili powder, tony's, onions and topped with lime juice, avocado, and onion served on corn tortillas. YUM!

Black Bean Burger
This is an 'everything but the kitchen sink' kind-of recipe. 
-black beans, cornmeal, bread crumbs, onion, peppers, spices (duh!), olive oil mashed all together and cooked on the stove served with anything you want.

-fried corn tortillas with refried beans, 'ground beef,' Tofuitti sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes......

Seitan Spaghetti
-cooked seitan (very easy to handle. all you do is put it on a pan), marinara sauce, noodles, Tony's, and onions

-tortilla with 'chicken', spinach, avocado, onion (yum)

For breakfast, there are tons of options. I have a blog post on this

I hope this little guide helps!

The Vegan Sourcebook by Joanna Stepaniak, M.S. ED
Gary Yourofsky

Jan 30 - Feb 4 Playlist

9:27 AM

I love rediscovering songs that I used to love. I also enjoy playlists! Every week or so I have a list of songs I will replay non-stop. Here's this week's setup:

January 30 - February 4 Playlist (this week I'm feeling some country vibes)

  1. Bartender- Lady Antebellum
  2. Downtown- Lady Antebellum
  3. Crush- David Archuleta
  4. 2006- Myles Parrish
  5. Crash 'n Burn- Thomas Rhett
  6. T-Shirt- Thomas Rhett
  7. iSpy feat Lil Yachty- KYLE
  8. All Eyes On You- St Lucia (a reoccurring song on my playlists!)

iPhones: The Misunderstood Villian

7:56 AM

If I had a dollar for every time I heard an adult commenting on teen cell phone usage, I'd be rich.
Sure, phones can be used for vapid forms of entertainment, but they can also be used for learning. 

Every morning, I use the Quizlet app to help me study for my challenging biology class. It's an awesome application: one can make virtual flashcards, games, and practice tests. Phones can also be used to view Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents, all of which teachers regularly post online for their students. YouTube videos provide endless amounts of content on any subject. Crash Course, a channel started by John and Hank Green, has educational videos from English to micro-biology.

Cell phones can be used for Snap Chat and Candy Crush, but they can also be used to study. So, the next time you see me stuck to my screen, please keep your condescending 'kids and their phones' comments to yourself.

an misunderstood screen-dweller


Top 5 Drugstore Lipsticks

7:23 PM

If there's anything I love in the makeup aisle, it's lip products. Whether it's liquid lipsticks, stains, glosses, or even the standard bullet lipstick: I love them all.
Here's a list of my five favorite lipsticks. Click the bold heading to purchase.
(p.s. the photos look low-quality but when they click on them they're great?? I'm confused)

#5 Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in "Darling" **SHADE DISCONTINUED**

I have had this product forever... I need to get a new one. I'm disgusting. I use this as a multi-purpose stick. Works beautifully as a blush! This is definitely a 'ride-or-die' product for me.

Basic Information:
-build-able color
-soft lilac

-throughout the day it fades into a beautiful pink
-versatile product, can be a light shine on the lips or bold shade
-glossy look, but not sticky
-feels like a chapstick

-minty smell
-this shade has been discontinued 

#4 NYX Liquid Suede in "Soft Spoken"

photo credit:

If I want a more prominent lip, I go for this one. Beautiful application and wear.

Basic Information:
-Mauve nude
-suede liquid lipstick

-glides on without patchiness
-velvet texture
-lasts a little longer than a traditional lipstick
-lightweight feel
-cruelty free

-can be difficult to apply for new makeup-wearers
-hard to fix mistakes

#3: ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip in "Midi"

photo credit:

This was my 'go-to' lipstick for what seemed like months...  😢 It's the only light lip-color I'll wear!

Basic Information:
-pale, dusty pink
-matte liquid lipstick

-beautiful look (if your lips are exfoliated & moisturized prior to application)
-easy to apply
-dries quickly (2-3 minutes)

-hard to fix mistakes
-looks hideous after long-wear, hard to reapply product over
-lasts about 4-5 hours, eating will shorten wear-time

#2: Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick in "Matte Orchid "

photo credit: Milani

I am absolutely in love with this pink color. It's gorgeous on the lips. I love to wear this lipstick with my floral scarf for spring-time.

Basic Information:

-easy application, smooth
-beautiful packaging
-fades away to a softer pink stain

No Cons!

#1: Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick in "Matte Beauty"

photo credit: Milani

Milani's lipsticks take second and first place! It's that good. When in doubt, I pick this one.

Basic Information:
-warm, rose-brown

-easy application, smooth
-pairs well with many eye looks
-beautiful packaging

-Since it is a regular lipstick, it doesn't last all day. You will have to reapply throughout the day. But, it is super easy to touch up.
-although it is titled 'matte,' do not expect the finish to be similar to a ColourPop lipstick. I'd say it's 75% matte. 

Honorable mentions...

Wet 'n Wild 'How Fleek is Your Love'.... sorry for mustache action
  • ColourPop Ultra Satin in Too Lips. The formula is beautiful. A little scary to apply, but it looks good.
  • L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Last Lip Color... I remember when these first came out and didn't receive too many good reviews. In my opinion, these last forever and look beautiful with the chap-stick like topcoat. Very pigmented as well. 
  • Wet 'n Wild Color Icon Matte Liquid Lipstick in 'How Fleek is Your Love'. These are new releases. Do not think you can buy them online yet. Not a full opinion on them yet, but so far I like it better than ColourPop's.
Hope you enjoyed! Leave a comment if you'd like a full review on the Wet 'n Wild matte lipsticks. :-)



8:20 AM

As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Even if I'm running short on time, I always try to eat something before I'm off to school. This post should give you the break-down on how to build a better breakfast, and some examples!

Carbohydrates: I don't know why people are so afraid of carbs! Carbohydrates should make up 45-60%* of your total calories. Try to make at least half your breakfast some form of carbs, whether that's whole grain cereal, oats, or fruit (bananas are rich in pectin, which is a type of fiber; it will keep you fuller longer). If you must eat refined grains, make sure they are enriched.

Proteins: About 10-30%* of your calories should come from protein sources. 1 cup of soy milk contains 8 grams of protein, which is about 16%* of your daily needs. Nuts are also great sources of protein. You can also add hemp or chia seeds into a smoothie, oatmeal, or acai bowl for additional protein.

Fats/lipids: About 30%* of your calories should come from fat. Try to limit your saturated and trans fat intake, these are not good for the body. Too many saturated fats in a diet can lead to heart problems, such as heart disease. Avocados, nuts, and flaxseed are all great sources of fat.

Alright, class! I hope you learned a little about nutrition. Now, onto the recipes. Most of the recipes are from other bloggers, click on the one you like and it will take you to their recipe.

Easy, Quick Breakfast Recipes

Overnight Recipes
10 Minute Breakfasts
I hope this list helps you out with some breakfast ideas! I always try to eat fruit and whole grains with every breakfast. Happy eating 😊

*Percentages vary based on your personal caloric needs. The average adult needs about 2,000 calories.
⁺ Recipe is vegan/vegetarian, but you can substitute ingredients for egg & milk if wanted

If you are veg and are interested in a non-veg recipe, you can substitute egg or cow's milk for it's proper replacement.

Soy Milk Nutrition
Saturated fats
Carbohydrates (simple vs complex)
 Nutrition through the Life Cycle Sixth Edition
Bananas are great!
Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015